South Africa

Congratulations you’ve made a great choice – so welcome to sunny South Africa.

The Republic of South Africa occupies 1 223 410 sq, km (472 659 sq, miles) and is one of the most beautiful continents on our planet. It boasts an idealic climate with hot summers and temperate winters

Credit cards are accepted across the country and are integrated into a sophisticated banking system

One of South Africa's greatest attractions is its wildlife, and there is a wide choice of parks and exclusive lodges, each catering for that individual experience.

There are 11 official languages - English is spoken throughout the country

Some of world’s greatest high-tech shopping malls are spread across South Africa and if you’re wondering if it’s time to shop, South African standard time remains two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time throughout the year.

INTO AFRICA SAFARI offers the best possible safari options and tours of any kind. They can be guided, semi-guided or self-drive - anything is possible.

South Africa’s neighbours also offer spectacular locations including accessible tropical beaches and laid-back islands