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Imagination is your own personal magic carpet that enables you to conjure up an image in the past, the present or the future; it has the power to transport you into any situation in a nanosecond. Your imagination is like the hand of an artist poised with a brush, a brush that with one swift stroke onto the canvas will place you, the dreamer, exactly where you want to be. When this powerful symbiotic metamorphosis of an image and passion occurs, as if by magic the picture is complete. All you need now is the emotion and will to follow - the emotion of the moment.

So you close your eyes and unleash your imagination; you let it run free, unrestricted by all boundaries and boarders. You find yourself flying through majestic gorges and mountain ranges, embraced by warm tropical mists, cascading rivers and foaming rapids that reach up to touch you like ballerinas in flight. Image upon image wash over you like flowing mercury, enveloping your senses, racing your pulse. You have taken flight and soar like a fish eagle and soar across subtropical savannas and uncharted plains that abound with a a new world order of unsurpassed beauty. This is truly Nirvana. You are convinced this is only a dream and can never be sustained, this freedom and joy is not real and you know that you will be stirred to reality at any given second.

Well, INTO AFRICA has news for you - Dream on Dreamer - Believe it - IT IS REAL.

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Are You Dreaming of an African Safari?